Our Story

Our core believes and most important values

Who we are…

We are a unique blend of developers, engineers and commercial pilots. Everyone in our team has a common passion: aviation and technology.

What we do…

We support aircraft operations in our best efforts by making use of the latest and proven technologies. Our objective is to create a scalable, clean and easy to use platform.

How we do it…

Our platform is a result of on-the-field experience as pilots and our client’s feedback. By a combination of prototyping and agile development we are known to be reactive to requests and improve continuously.

Our mission…

Our goal is to boost aviation growth by connecting and backing all players involved. We all share the same sky, by working together we can achieve great things.

As aviation becomes more secure thanks to improved technology and regulations, it’s prone to get tangled in administration requirements, resulting in overhead costs. Maximum efficiency and output can only be achieved by implementing an automated closed-loop-system which assures that your flight operations are run as lean as possible. The Skylegs platform integrates everything which is needed for your operations into one central place and makes communication to the stakeholders easy, so you can focus on expanding your business.

Our innovative database structure reflects the aviation ecosystem in its entire spectrum. Individuals, organisations, aircraft and airports are seamlessly interlinked to provide the best experience.

Advantages like shared crew availabilities, duty times calculations, cross-AOC are possible because of our personal account principle. If you add new colleagues to the company account, chances are they already have a Skylegs account.

Our objectives…

  • To connect aircraft operators and pilots for a more efficient and safe aviation industry.
  • To become the best in supporting any flight operations via our software and knowhow.

Our team philosophy…

  • Transparent communication.
  • Approach challenges pragmatically.
  • Dare to think out of the box.
  • Client, colleagues and interface first.
  • Strive towards simplicity.
  • What looks good on the outside must look good on the inside.
  • Be consequent, organised, flexible and disciplined
  • Rather ask for forgiveness then for approval.
  • The best ideas win.

Open job positions

Do you find yourself sometimes with your head in the clouds? Skylegs is looking for people with a passion for technology and aviation!

You will be submerged in an exciting industry. We are a small expanding team and are known to be passionate and ambitious by our clients. Our offices are located at the airport of Antwerp, Belgium and Łódź in Poland.

Your salary will be according to market conditions. The benefits and work schedule are flexible to your personal life. Our colleagues are our most valuable assets and we treat them like that. We will make sure that your experience, responsibilities and salary grows in a steady pace.

Frontend medior/senior javascript developer (m/f)

We are looking for a Frontend Developer who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will include implementing visual elements and their behaviours with user interactions. You will work with both front-end and back-end web developers to build all client-side logic. Learn more…

Junior full stack developer (m/f)

We are looking for a full stack Developer, responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users, as well as translating the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce the visual elements of the application. You will also design the overall architecture of the web application and evolve it to ensure maximum performance and stability.

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Backend medior/senior PHP developer (m/f)

We are looking for a Back-End Web Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. Your primary focus will be development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. You will also be responsible for integrating the front-end elements built by your coworkers into the application. A basic understanding of front-end technologies is therefore necessary as well.

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Business developer with aviation interest/experience (m/f)

Your primary role is to prospect for new clients by networking, cold calling, advertising or other means of generating interest from potential clients. You must then plan persuasive approaches and pitches that will convince potential clients to do business with our company. You develop rapports with new clients, and set targets for sales and provide support that will continually improve the relationship. You are also required to grow and retain existing accounts by presenting new solutions and services to our clients. You will learn a thorough knowledge of the aviation market, the solutions/services our company can provide, and of our competitors. You’ll apply SAAS metrics to challenge our business model.

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Meet our team

We are a unique blend of developers, engineers and commercial pilots with two shared passions: aviation and technology.

Maxim Schelfhout

Maxim Schelfhout

Managing director
Harald Denolf

Harald Denolf

Operations director
Pieter De Moor

Pieter De Moor

Technical director
Cedric Bongaerts

Cedric Bongaerts

UX Designer
Jacek Tomaszewski

Jacek Tomaszewski

Senior developer
Maciej Borek

Maciej Borek

Junior developer
Frederik Van Leeckwyck

Frederik Van Leeckwyck

Server infrastructure
Luize Vitola

Luize Vitola

Intern Business Development