Flight operations management

Manage your flight operations from beginning to end, keeping all company departments connected. Set automatic emails with flight updates, monitor users actions and generate flight planning documents with PPS or RocketRoute. In addition, manage flight services, checklists, cargo and passengers from one place. In brief, these are few examples of the features you will find in Skylegs operations module.

Multiple reports

Skylegs has more than 40 operations reports that are ready to use. You can filter the flights list according to certain characteristics and generate reports at the click of a button (PDF, XLS, CSV and others). And if necessary, we create custom reports which will perfectly fit your organisation’s requirements.

Hotels, positionings & courses

As a complete flight operations and dispatch software, Skylegs has several features for efficient mission management. Missions include all activities related to the trip, for instance, crew reallocation, hotel booking and ground courses. Most importantly, choose which of these activities to include or exclude from duty time calculations.

Document control

Manage document versions, distribution and signature. There is no limitation on the number of files you upload. Additionally, you are able to monitor expiry dates and renewal cycles, while having access to all past revisions. You can restrict access to files according to the users’ functions or the aircraft they fly. Besides that, documents can be accessed offline by using the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app.

Fuel prices

Import your fuel price list into Skylegs and choose the best provider during flight preparation. As a result, your team can easily send fuel requests straight from the platform. Ultimately, details of departure and arrival services are all visible to the crew from the mobile Crew App.

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