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Our step by step approach

First meeting

We believe in a personalised method of introducing ourselves. During this meeting we touch base, listen to your needs, list your current systems and provide a demonstration of our software. We share knowledge and afterwards you will receive access to play around in our demo yourself. This is free of any commitment.

Research & proposal

We investigate what fits best in your operations by comparing our modules and interfaces to your current systems. Based on this information, we make a plan for the future and shake hands.


We can set-up the basis of a new organisation and train you in less than one day. How long this will take is dependable on your size. Our platform is made easy and intuitive, so can handle from the young to the more respected legends among us.

Follow up

We follow up on your progress according to the plan and will serve you with our reactive 24/7 support service.

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” Skylegs is a platform for managing the day to day business of an air operator. Their strongest point is that they are super reactive and willing to improve according to customer’s needs. Their system is fast and the user interface is great (clean and easy). “

Gabriel F. Cordova
Gabriel F. CordovaCapt. / Head of Safety & Quality / Deputy Head of Flight Operations & TrainingGI Aviation

” We made the choice to use Skylegs as our operational platform because flexibility is not an option, but a must within our organisation.  The tailor made solutions and short reaction time of the skylegs team are what makes the difference in this ever changing environment.  “

Dirk Libbrecht
Dirk LibbrechtCapt. / Flight Operations ManagerJet Netherlands

“Their team, made of aviation professionals, speaks the same language as we do and they understand our needs better than any other IT company could. Being in the business themselves, they get it instantaneously, and the result often trespasses our finest expectations. Not only to they provide you with tailored solutions, they also help you improve your existing management processes by making suggestions and bringing their own ideas onto the table which is very productive and proactive.”

Maxime Wauters
Maxime WautersPilot / Safety ManagerASL NV

“Thanks to the Skylegs team for the great job during our migration from BizFlight to the Skylegs flight operations platform and for the attention they pay to the needs of Speedwings. Allot of features are really efficient and all our people start to understand what a great and powerful tool, Skylegs can be.”

Willy Ambroise
Willy AmbroisePilot / OperationsSpeedwings

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