Our partners

Web Manuals

Web Manuals sets the standard for digitizing manuals for the aviation industry by offering a streamlined solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency.

In short, their clients save time and money in editing, publishing, and distributing their operational manuals. They are able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain full control of their documentation and communication systems.

Air Support PPS

Our aim is to develop tools for every action required, encompassing a flight. Air Support PPS is directly involved with flight planning and hence, highly complementary to our platform. We receive information and flight packages for our Electronic Flight Bag and push scheduled flight data to aid the operations departments of our clients.


Real-time information of active flights is what we receive from Eurocontrol. Thanks to the B2B web services, we are able to receive all business aviation related flight plans into our database and present it to our customers on maps, the timeline and automated movement messages.

ASL / Jet Netherlands

From the birth of Skylegs we had the privilege to acquire in-the-field experience from this well-known business aviation operator in Belgium and The Netherlands. This partnership has been greatly beneficial for both parties. While we are learning from experience, ASL/JNL is improving their productivity, communications and administration processes thanks to our full flight operations platform.

European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

This established association is the voice for Business Aviation in Europe, located in Brussels. We are proud to be an associated member and partner in web related services. One of our projects is the development of a custom live business aviation movements screen and back-office (interfaced with Eurocontrol data). Other projects involve consultancy services for their web and aviation related feasibility studies and business intelligence.


Accurate airport data is of highly importance for any aircraft operator. AC-U-KWIK has built a reputation of gathering airport information regarding handlers, contacts, opening times and more. We have created a seamless interface with their database so our users can easily read and use information from the airport profile pages in our platform.


The market leader in business aviation sales supporting tools is Avinode. Their broker marketplace is the biggest you can find online. We transfer our clients scheduled data (on request), so they can easily accept new opportunities. Our quotation features work together in close harmony.


RocketRoute saw the need for an easy-to-use online flight planning platform. Their values and goals lean close to ours and we make use of practically the same technologies. Our clients benefit from a full toolbox, thanks to the interface between both platforms for EFB and scheduled data purposes.


The hassle of combining crew together for briefings is a thing of the past. Crew may now be trained to high proficiency thanks to Scandlearn’s online CBT training solution. Whenever a CBT is completed, the date and certificate are exported to our database resulting in less repetitive work by our operators training departments.

MRX Systems

MRX Systems is a specialist in the field of computer science and aeronautical engineering. It offers complete solutions that can be applied to all participants from the aviation technology, such as for operators in maintenance, pilots, technicians and the Board.


DeliSky is a leading worldwide VIP inflight catering ordering platform. Their unique web and iOS based software solutions allow business jet operators to place and manage their catering orders in an efficient way with a perfect overview of the costs. Their team of experienced business aviation professionals supports the ordering and communication process to guarantee a high level of quality and reliability. A seamless interface between Skylegs and DeliSky assures maximum efficiency and quality for our operators.


Connecting the end-client with operators by the touch of a (mobile) button is what Stratajet does best. Their app automatically consumes the flight schedule data from our operators and presents it to would be clients. This way our operators benefit from direct sales without any effort.