Modules & apps


Crew status

Track the status of your crew regarding FTL (Subpart Q, part-FTL), qualifications, availabilities and location.

Smart timeline

Smart timeline for aircraft, crew, meeting rooms, crew cars, missions and accessories with flexible filtering, zoom and drag & drop functionalities. Manage your assets from a central place.


Communicate mission information to clients, external services and your crew, together with embedded data from AC-U-KWIK. Keep track of requested services, checklists, SMS (text messages), documents and expenses. Set-up automated movement messages.

Aircraft status

Use the traffic light system to track aircraft status regarding maintenance items, MEL/DDL and document expiration dates. Maintenance actions are predicted by taking into account the maintenance program and expected total flight hours per year.

Airport categorisation

Categorise airports according to the checklist in your OM part C and view AC-U-KWIK data embedded in the system.

Record keeping

Pre, actual and post flight record keeping. FTL management and exports.

Live flight plan data

Flightboard CFMU with Eurocontrol flight plan data and live maps showing aircraft in flight and static location. A terminal screen for ground operations aids in the daily servicing.

Document control

Document control by versioning, distribution and signing functionalities. Use an automated schedule for navigation database update tracking and our Electronic Flight Bag app for offline storage.

Qualification record keeping

Crew/student qualifications keeping via records, document upload, versions and due dates.

Qualification control

Control the crew assignment by qualifications, either seat, line training, experience and more.

Audit gallery

Use our audit gallery pages for compliance and government audit purposes.

Schedule training

Schedule training and follow-up on student progress.

Client Resource Management

Perform integrated client resource management. Assign passengers to multiple clients and keep track of passport data for gendec purposes.

Create and send quotes

Quote fast and precise. Use our seamless process from quotation to execution and invoicing to automate your sales cycle. The system is extremely flexible to your custom ways and has different flight time calculation methods.

Manage products

Have the flexibility to manage your products in a smart way. You may attach products to aircraft, airports, clients and more. Make them to show up by default on creation of a new quote.


All-sorts of reporting are possible from the data you’ve required. Use our graphs our send data to external BI tools.

Integrated occurrence reporting

Lower the threshold for pilots to report occurrences, hazards and feedback by pre-filling the forms with our data. Make use of ECCAIRS E5X taxonomy and export for EASA/CAA.


Start investigations following an occurrence or change of management. Do risk assessments and keep track of hazards in registers. Action follow-up is a peace of cake!


W.I.P. Perform audits and inspections via custom compliance monitoring checklists from your mobile device


W.I.P. Centralise and follow-up findings in non-compliance reports. Manage corrective actions from the audit control form.

Maintenance program

Manage and show predictive maintenance items on the timeline. Planning flights which makes an aircraft go overdue may be blocked.

Manage DDL lists

Manage ATL trouble reporting and deferred items list. This updates the status of your fleet.

Digital logbook

Keep track of all your flights regardless the type of flying: aeroplane, glider, helicopter, ultralight, drone, … Easily start fresh, import an existing logbook or set your initial hours to start tracking. Still like paper? Just use our export templates to print and paste it in your paper logbook.

Personal licenses

Enter all your licenses, medical, qualifications, ratings, … and be notified whenever one of these it about to expire.


Visualise where you have been before. See all your flights on an interactive map and start looking for your next destination.


Check on your totals. Either grouped by time, aircraft, function, type of operation … you name it!

Customise to your needs

Login, layout, PDF and email styled by your company logo and colors. Ask for custom development to fit your needs.


Highly customisable dashboard with widgets responsive for any device, dependable on the roles and rights a user has.

Notification system

A central notification system keeps track of all communications and lets you sent and track mass notification via system/email or SMS text.


Configure the platform based on your operations manuals. By custom templates, categories, regulations and more.

Electronic Flight Bag app

Paperless cockpit flying

Store your aircraft and flight documents offline, sign them before your flight and use them during. These documents are kept on our servers online for record keeping and auditing purposes.

Manage EFB

Our iPad app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. You login with a unique token generated by your EFB administrator. This way he/she can follow up on app and iOS versions, battery status, stored documents and more.

Crew app

Manage duties

The dedicated Crew App makes it even easier for the crew to check duties details, update information and interact with the back office. All types of duties are shown: flights, positionings, office duties, trainings, meetings, etc.

Consult crew records

The crew is also able to check own qualifications, keeping track of expiration dates of trainings, licenses, medical examination and others.