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Build crew and staff rosters, allowing bidding and requests. Track the availability of your crew according to duties, agenda, Flight Time Limitations (FTL) and location. The Aviation Management platform covers it all.

Smart timeline

Personalise your timeline or whiteboard according to your needs. The schedule format is highly flexible thanks to the filters, zoom and drag-and-drop functionalities. Manage missions, flights, positionings, hotel bookings, trainings and other duties from a central place.


Communicate by SMS and emails with clients, external service providers, crew or other contacts. Keep track of requested services, permissions and specific flight requirements. Set-up automated movement messages.

Aircraft status

Use the traffic light system to track aircraft status regarding maintenance items, MEL/DDL and document expiration dates. Maintenance actions are predicted by taking into account the maintenance program and expected total flight hours per year.

Mission management

Different activities, such as flights, positionings, hotel bookings and trainings can take part of a single mission. Request services and permissions; confirm them prior to the flight. Create your own checklists templates and ensure they are complete. All data is safely stored in the cloud.

Export Functionalities

Generate documents, reports and lists in different formats at the click of a button. Skylegs offers ready-to-use template files; or you can choose to have them customised to your organisation, according to your preferences and needs.

Live flight plan data

See your aircraft in flight and their static location on live maps (Flightboard CFMU with Eurocontrol flight plan data. The terminal screen for ground operations aids in the daily servicing.

Document control

Control version, distribution and signing of documents. Use the automated schedule for navigation database update tracking and our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app for offline storage.

Records monitoring

Manage and monitor crew or other employees qualifications records, with document upload, versions, expiration and planned dates.

Training programs

Schedule trainings and courses; follow up on trainees progress. Crew records are automatically updated after course completion.

Requirements warnings

See warnings on missions when crew qualification requirements are not met. Monitor your own qualifications and be reminded of expiry dates straight on the dashboard. Training department is periodically notified of records that need attention.

Qualification control

Control the crew assignment according to qualifications, such as either-seat, line training, trainee, etc. Configure your own rules for crew selection on flights.

Flight requests

Receive flight requests straight from Avinode; decline, accept or suggest different aircraft. Quickly prepare quotes and reply to you requests. The Aviation Management platform is a powerful tool to deal with the entire sales process.


Use our seamless sales process, by preparing quotes quick and precisely, executing and invoicing. Quotes automatically add positionings flights and you can choose from a variety of flight time calculation methods. Generate custom sales documents for competitive advantage to your business.

Flexible Products Setup

Manage your products in a smart way, making the quote process even faster. Products can vary with the aircraft, airports, countries, clients, passengers, distance, and even flight date or time.

CO2 emissions and offset cost

Have the amount of CO2 emissions and the offset cost automatically calculated depending on the aircraft and the flight. It is up to you to include it or not into the quote totals.

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