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Skylegs online platform simplifies

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Choose from the Premium Packages below according to the category of the operation.

If you prefer to have basic features only, the Starter Package is a great option.

You can also create your own package by cherry-picking modules and interfaces.

Mobile Device Management

What is it?

Mobile device management (MDM) is made through a security software that makes it possible for administrators to secure, control and enforce policies on portable devices. Operators provide tablets or smartphones to the flight crew to be used as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), and they need to control and restrict the use of these devices. By having a proper mobile device management, it’s possible, among others: to prevent the user from deleting apps, installing new ones, restoring the device and accessing apps not related to the flight duties.

What are the benefits?

The operator does not need to spend time understanding technicalities when Skylegs is responsible to the MDM;

Through Skylegs, the operator can make iPads managed and supervised (creating higher level of restriction);

The operator is able to buy fully configured iPads out of the box and bulk buy iPad apps through Skylegs;

Skylegs can easily customise restrictions and apps conform customer’s wishes;

The service is over the air, so  the information transfer is not attached to a computer, as it goes in manual configuration.

Why is it necessary?

EASA requires the EFB administrator to be responsible for the configuration management of the EFBs and to document all these procedures in a manual.

How much is it?

MDM + EFB app = €9 per device / month.

Fully configured iPad out of the box

Business Intelligence

What is it?

Skylegs uses a business analytics solution to transform your organisation’s data in graphics, reports and dashboards, so you can better evaluate and have insights of the business processes, safety and performance indicators.

In a few clicks you can assign multiple assets within your diverse capacity, communicate it to stakeholders, and provide visibility of your operations and organisation. All the data is imported live via Skylegs platform.

What are the benefits?

It assists executives, managers and other operational staff gain insight and make informed decisions;

It detects problems in the organisation that need to be fixed;

It increases operational efficiency;

It helps identifying market trends.

Try out the interactive report below:

Custom Development

What is it?

Skylegs can remodel our platform so it is customised according to your demands. We follow your manuals, rules and you can have customised quotes, crew and passenger documents. The interfacing, logo and colours are also customisable.

What are the benefits?

It fulfils your particular needs;

It adds value to your business;

It provides competitive advantage to your company.